A Novel of Science, Faith, Love and Poland

Anna Samborska - translator, writer and author

Author of "Hela" : a Novel of Science, Faith, Love and Poland" Maestra Press, San Francisco 2016

Translator of "The Haunted Land - Facing Europe's Ghosts after Communism" (Tina Rosenberg, Pulitzer Prize 1996, Rebis Poland) and "The Auschwitz Photographer" (Anna Dobrowolska, Rekontrplan Film Group).

She published magazine articles in "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Tylko Rock", "Teatr", "Scena", "Życie Warszawy".


Anna has a Masters degree in Theatre Studies from the Warsaw Theatre Academy. She also studied acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is a classically trained singer and a visual artist connected to Hunters Point Shipyard art community.

In "Hela" - a medical thriller - she explores, in a humorous way, the tensions between male and female, young and old, rich and poor, science and faith. The story is set in Poland in the early 2000s. The narrator is a woman who, as many people born and raised under Communism, finds it hard to cope with the challenges of market economy. Seeking health care she gets trapped in a genetic research program which will transform her in unimaginable ways. 

Anna is now working on her non-fiction book: "Power Voice for Women - Opera Secrets for Singers and Speakers".

Anna divides her time between San Francisco, where she lives with her husband and daughter, and Poland where she spends her summers.

She loves cinema, long walks on the beach, good conversation and exploring uncharted territory. 

Anna Samborska