A Novel of Science, Faith, Love and Poland

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"Hela" excerpts:

"Life has taught me to always expect the worst. Because the worst is always there, just around the corner, behind a tree, past the next digit on the clock dial. At that moment I did not have a watch to make note of the exact hour that my latest misery struck. I decided to face it with my head held high, like a soldier. Had I not been warned by that omen of the broken mirror? Things were coming to a head now and when your time has come it is useless to resist. I sat motionless, like a pillar of salt in my military duds, dark glasses, and a cap, awaiting my fate with full self-possession. Whether this new disaster was a result of my mistakes or of unforeseen circumstances or of my friends’ betrayal didn’t matter to me. There was nothing I could do. I started saying the the rosary."

"Hela" quotes:

"It was a relief to experience some agreement. It turned out we were in the same boat, both unemployed, with no prospects for the future… I felt reassured."

"You want a Garden of Eden? Stop looking for it in the past. You will not find it. Paradise is something still to be created."