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Welcome to all my readers and fans of "Hela"!

The romantic accountant has just survived her first great adventure. She is now safely recuperating in a far away country.

"Hela"  was written entirely in the US, though originally in Polish. I started writing in 2003, when someone told me a story of a woman in her late 50s who lost her job and fell on hard times. It was a disturbing account and for days I was thinking of what could have became of her. When I decided to write a novel hers was the first voice that I heard in my mind and I just followed it. About the same time I read the news about an unethical doctor who tested drugs  on the homeless. It seemed like a possible  "solution" for my protagonist's employment problem.

I did not know that Hela would remain my only narrator. She reminded me of many women from my family, like my grandmother whom I only know through her diaries. In many ways Hela is a common person, maybe not even a very "nice" person, but to me she was different enough from all known literary personalities to keep exploring her story.

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"Hela" reviewed by The Cosmopolitan Review!

"Offering a fast-paced medical mystery over a foundation that explores the implications of change and the power of the past, Hela is an enjoyable read, rich with glimpses of Poland and a compelling central heroine."

Alena Aniskiewicz, The Cosmopolitan Review, November 2016

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